Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day... week 1

Diligently practicing a letter
 on her worksheet.

Today, even though our school area is still a work in progress, I kept to my plans and we started school.  the coffee table worked out good for today.  Most of our items still need to be sorted and organized but the unit for this week we were able to do fine.  I found a cute unit on firemen and we are learning about them this week.  Wednesday we are going on a field trip with our homeschool group to the fire station!  Today we counted spots on Dalmatians and traced numbers and matched up numbers with the spots on the dogs.  We also worked on tracing the alphabet letters, at least 6 of them or so, I wanted to master one or two but she insisted on moving on and on.  I had it in my mind since we picked apples yesterday we would work on A today.  She had other plans.  So we will work on a whole sheet of letters all week.  :-)  Then she wanted to practice cutting things out so we cut out flash cards from her alphabet work sheet.  She did really well cutting the square shape.  Never before have I encouraged her a lot to do shapes that are specific in cutting and following the lines.  She loved it, for a time.  Our attention span doesn't allow for LONG periods of time doing a new task.  Ahhh, to be 4 yrs old again.  Tomorrow we will do more work in our fireman unit, exploring colors and names.  She knows her colors but seeing them printed is another thing.  We have cards we will color in the shape of fire hydrants.  We will again play our dalmatian game and letter reviews, followed by story time and art time.  Lots of imginative play and working with blocks thrown in because we like it.

I do know that we need a snack break.  She was very hungry before lunch time.  So we will have a mid morning snack worked into our routine from now on.  She was excited about school. 
Look mom!  I picked an apple!

Yesterday we went apple picking, but the pickings were slim.  We need to find a better place to do this!  I know there must be locations around without a long weekend trip.  The apples we did get though will be used for juice which we will make later. 

Swimming lessons have been added to our schedule, at least for September.  I am hoping the instructor has better luck than we do getting her to kick her legs right.  She wants to "froggy" swim with us.  I decided seeing how she would do in lessons through our local parks department would be.  The Y right now is still in the future.  We need classes that work a little better with our hectic schedule.

 The plans this week also include making pickles and relish and perhaps some bread again, it's suppose to be cooler this week.  

Happy Tending!

A found treasure in the park

Apple Picking Time!

Our apples!

Copy work...  she loved it,
for about 10 minutes

Counting Dalmatian spots on our
fireman unit study

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