Monday, June 25, 2012

The top 10 questions people ask you about homeschool….

This week I am particpating in a blog hop over at Many Little Blessings.  Please check out some of the other blogs there as well.

So the task for this week was to answer the top ten questions people ask you about homeschooling.  Please note that I have been a little satirical.  *grin*

One big question I am I asked sometimes is if we plan to homeschool throughout her education.  One doen't know what the future brings, so we can't answer that with the certainity that many want.  My answer is we take everything one day at a time.

We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to
lose sight of the shore

So, Ten questions often asked are....

1.      Are you insane?     Well sometimes….  Wait oh you mean about homeschooling?  Nah.  It just works for our family.

2.      What about socialization?  We talk to lots of people, all ages and she has lots of friends.

3.      Is your daughter a genius?   No, she likes to make up jokes and dance with butterflies.

4.      What about socialization?  We belong to playgroups, homeschool groups and church groups. 

5.      Do you homeschool because of your religion?  Nope, lots of Christians go to a brick and mortar school building.  It just works for our family at this point in our lives. 

6.      How do you have time to homeschool?  I never really thought about it that way.  Having kids in school seems really time consuming too.  There are teachers meetings, class parties, programs, etc., that parents that don’t homeschool need to do. 

7.      What about socialization?   What about it?  Do you worry about your child’s socialization skills?

8.      Doesn’t your daughter miss having friends?  She knows lots of children in all sorts of age groups.  She has several friends and not all of them are homeschooled.  In fact most are not.  She makes friends very easily.

9.      Do you have to pass a test to homeschool your child?  I have a bachelors degree and I have plans to further my knowledge base as well in education.  I read a lot of books and belong to groups that share knowledge.  In our state, Washington, you do have to meet certain guidelines to be qualified to homeschool your child.

10.  What about socialization?  We rarely go anywhere.  In fact I haven’t left the house in three years, my children won’t speak to strangers nor do they ever leave my sight.  I keep them within six inches of my body at all times.  *grin*

Have a great day gentle friends! 


  1. These are all great!! I've concluded that when people ask about socialization what they are really asking is 'aren't you afraid your kids are going to end up nerds with an outlandish sense of fashion and unable to discuss the latest pop sensation with their peers?'

    Thanks for stopping by!!

    1. Thank you for visiting!

      I think you're right, they are worries about my child being "in the know"with popular culture. :-)

  2. Socialization is the funniest question, and I don't know how to answer it because honestly I think it's gotta be the dumbest question about homeschooling there is. I know, no dumb questions but really? Socialized? Like that's somehow the goal of education. I could ramble on and on, I won't. I liked your answer number 10.

    I agree with Stephanie, what people probably want to know is "will your kid be normal"? And I don't bother telling them we don't want our kids to be just "normal".

    1. I didn't think people still thought there was a socialization concern with homeschooler.... I have been shocked how often I encounter it and how I can explain all about our activities, how we "socialize" with people of all ages and outside of the "peergroup" box, to no avail. Oh well....

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. HA! This was great! Love the other replies on socialization. I find it funny that that seems to be the buzz topic.


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