Monday, June 27, 2011

Peonies and sweat peas

Love the peonies, but the sweat peas can be a pain.  :-) 

This has been a rainy month and cool to boot.  The garden still is in it's infancy.  The weeds love it though.  Pictures soon!

Saturday Sarah did her first ever fishing trip.  We had fun, we didn't catch any fish but we did have a lot of fun.  The experience was memorable for the Bear.  Then today we went and seen the movie Cars 2.  Sarah gave it two thumbs up and 5 stars.  It was adorable watching her sit on the edge of her seat full of wonder and awe.  It was a cute movie and Bob and I had more fun watching it with her.  it was a wonderful "date night" for all three of us!
The Little Explorer

Already we are wondering what we will do for 7 wonderful years of marriage.  I think we might be spending a few days at Longbeach, if mommy can handle not being with her Bear for a few days.  Otherwise, she may just have to come!  Last year we went to Disneyland and the year before we went to Leavenworth.  The year Sarah was born we took a whole 9 days and traveled around the Washington state loop of 101. 

Tomorrow I have an appointment to talk with someone at TCC and will be looking at going through the paralegal program.  It's exciting that we might be moving forward again.  Very exciting!   

Yummy Kim and Bob Gourmet eats have been appearing from the kitchen.  I think I have discovered a YUMMY CREATION for the BBQ grille.  Burgers mixed with spices from the kitchen and then cheese in the middle.  Also beginning to get a bit creative with Sarah's food.  We will see if these steps help us.  :-)  I hope your week has been as well and is off to as good of a start.

Happy Tending,

Outside my window...  the dark night early summer night.  

I am thinking... what a wonderful family I have.

I am thankful for... sunshine, 3 day weekends and a caring handsome man to share my life with.

I am wearing... clothes

I am remembering... about promises.....  how sometimes those most ardent about the cost of breaking them are the ones that do so the most and repeatedly. 

I am bed soon.

I am currently reading... The last child in the woods
I am hoping... that I get registered tomorrow!

On my mind... Finding a book, on Charlotte Mason

Noticing that... my baby is looking like a little girl, no longer my baby...  she is so smart and bright.

Pondering these words... lively and energetic....

From the kitchen... Silence.....and it's golden

Around the house... The sound of the A/C

One of my favorite things… watching my wee girl play "Latte stand" and talk and her "phone"

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