Tuesday, July 19, 2011

making headway

We have most of the new expanded pantry wall framing up.  I am currently working on sorting and organizing the pantry then to work on the rest of it.  Little by little.....  will go up tomorrow evening I think and buy Sheetrock.  Yippeee!  LOL  But this is a dream I have had.  Found our toilet I want to buy this fall, hope it will still be on sale.  I am just excited and waiting on pins and needles for Habitat for Humanity to open up about a mile from us.  EXCITED.  Windows, doors.....  JUNK!  All things to repurpose and I love doing that!  I have turned dressers into sink vanities...  and more.  I even made a old ladder in to a pan rack for my mom one time.  I thought it was cool.  I guess I am the junk queen. 

When I lived in Nebraska I would visit the town dump and find all sorts of treasures.  I miss the town dump!  I found an old tractor seat one time and cleaned it up, painted a fall scene on it and hauled it around to craft sales for a year and it always got complements, especially from the old men that normally just come to craft sales because their wife says they have to.  Then one day, much to my surprise and a bit of heart ache, a lady bought it for her sons fancy outdoor living space.....  haven't found another tractor seat yet....  I do have an old antique ironing board I have plans to paint......  Soon!   

Sarah has been in Vacation Bible School this week and loving it so far.  It gave me time to shop yesterday morning and this morning I came home and expected to work but got caught up on another project instead.  Oh me oh my!  So many things in the fire.....

Last night a friend on Facebook had a post and the post got me to thinking about being happy with where you are in life and with what you have.  I do think this, though I am not saying I don't NEED to be more organized.  I am happy with my life and hope it shows, I intend to make sure it shows more.  Another friend made a comment on a completely different thread about "blooming where you are planted."  Two things about the same topic in less than 24 hrs is telling.  Be happy with where you are in life, and be happy with what God has blessed you with, even if it might not seem like a blessing right now.  We don't always see the big picture, but God does.

Happy Tending!

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