Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Plans for 2011-12

Of course those plans are always subject to change! and already have several times!  LOL

For the fall semester Thursday will continue to be a Learn Through Play with our homeschool group. 
I am planing a Letter of the Week activity and surrounding that concept we will be doing lots of activities that deal with that letter.  We know a lot of letters by sight, but writing is a totally different concept
Memory verse and Bible story reading or story telling around that verse.  I plan to make a flannel board that can be used with this activity and several other activities as well. 
Manners and working on listening better.  Listening and following directions and table manners, cleaning up her toys, etc. 
Art, Art, Art.  Pine cone texture painting, painting and creating collages with other nature based objects.
Nature club with our other homeschool group. Sarah loves exploring and learning about the natural world.  She is a rock hound, star gazer, botanist and explorer extraordinaire!
Some Science activities, which include a lot of art and trips to the zoo! 
Some Home Ec activities which include math!  :-)  and to that we will add basic number recognition, adding and taking away, etc. 
Reading, which will include some of Charlotte Mason's recommended books from Simply Charlotte Mason and we will be reading the children's version of The Light and the Glory
Some unit activities for a few holidays.
With each of these activities we might include creating lap books so we can see all that we have done throughout the year. 
Daily outside play.
Little Gym will continue I think, at least for a while as will Ballet on saturdays. 

Those that are also homeschooling, what are your plans for the year?

Happy Tending!

Outside my window... Hints of brief sunshine.

I am thinking... all the things I need to do... laundry, housework, getting ready for school.....

I am thankful for... laughter!

I am wearing...slacks and shirt and warm socks, IN JULY

I am remembering... this weekend I need to.....

I am going... get to work soon!  We are going to a pedicure party later!!

I am currently reading...nada

I am hoping... tomorrow we can paint those basement walls!

On my mind... family situations and birthday parties

Noticing that... we must mow soon

Pondering these words... "Mommy I'm a big girl, not a little girl"

From the kitchen... pasta salad

Around the house...Sounds of Bugs life that I put in while I wrote this!  LOL  we cuddle we talk about bugs and mommy writes.  

One of my favorite things…sunshine......  and fall leaves!

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