Friday, June 10, 2011

Joy and sadness

make for a little girl and a mommy that need a good nap.

The week has been off and on as far as weather.  There has only been a couple days sunshine.   Yikes.

We did get the A/C in and working, after a long day and putting in a new plug.  Very long day indeed.  The garden is just sprouting, this weather has been unkind to the beans and squashes.  Even tomatoes are looking weepy eyed.  The only thing growing really well are the weeds! 

Today, Friday, is Sarah's first ballet recital.  She is excited, and even when she woke up and we were getting ready for a breakfast picnic in the park, I asked her what today was and she said, "BALLET RECITAL."  It should be really fun!  We had to buy the tickets, I did get one free ticket which I set aside for Friday night, and then I have ended now volunteering for Friday night's performance.  I am nervous about that, six little girls and two moms!  LOL  But it should be fun.  But because of last minute sickness, we now have two extra paid for tickets.  Not real happy about that, but if sick I can understand and wouldn't want them around anyway.  However, I kind of also am not surprised about one of the cancels.  I suspected it might happen...  oh well.  One Aunt honestly probably is not feeling well, she didn't look like she did the other day. 

We have had a busy week, Monday we collected rocks and painted them then Thursday we played in the mud and generally had a blast digging ditches and holes and watching the water flow down hill.  Sarah looked like a ditch digger!  :-) 

Not much else going on.....  we are taking it easy today before tonight performance.

Happy Tending!

Outside my window... clouds

I am thinking... crafting and getting the basement in order and creating a learning space for Sarah.

I am thankful for... family and good friends

I am wearing... sweats and t shirt.

I am remembering... how I also thought my family would be close and my children would be raised around their cousins.  It was the dream of my parents and even my youngest brother at one time.  Not sure what happened.  Feel a bit sad for my daughter that has no cousins close, Bob is an only child.

I am going... hopefully take a nap!

I am currently reading... two college texts

I am hoping... tonight goes well!

On my mind... lessons for August

Noticing that... Sarah looks like she has grown!

Pondering these words... "you can't stop at one..."

From the kitchen... Made a breakfast dish this am, no plans for dinner since we will be out!

Around the house... Clifford is on.

One of my favorite things… naps and happy girls!

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