Monday, September 24, 2012

Week in review

We had a very good week and found a few new methods for handwriting we are going to try.

We have been struggling with it and when I started the work boxes it seemed to really drive home the matter.  I had looked at Handwriting Without Tears, but I promised myself I would not add anything more to our plate until December when we do a big look at what we have been doing.  After talking with some other homeschool mommas, I decided to try a white board and write letters to words, less abstract than plain letters.  Teaching both capital and lower case in their proper context as well.  I think its helping to write the letters/words and then allow Bear to use her finger to trace off the ink (or erase the ink with her finger) similar to how she would write it if she wrote it.  I think it became less of a chore and she seen it as writing with her finger.  A game.  I know this isn't the way they do it in school, but that's one reason why we homeschool, so we can adapt to our child, and its fun to hit on something that might cause a breakthrough.

About the work boxes....  my eyes started out the week much bigger than what we could easily do in a day.  After 3 hours on Monday we took the rest of the day off, it was more than I planned to spend.  My goal is two hours.  It was beginning to wear down Bear as well.

The Y classes started on Tuesday and it has been a big adjustment to our rhythm.  It has not gone as smoothly as I had hoped.  But we will develop a better adjustment as time goes on.

Friday we went with our nature club and did a totally fun activity.  We wore fuzzy socks and ran around some fields at a local park (very natureish, not mowed and kept fields but really wild and free) and attempted to collect seeds.  We discussed the different ways seeds are dispersed as well.  After we ran around in our socks we returned to where we started and used shallow dishes and pots to "plant our socks" in with potting soil.  We brought home our two pots and gave them some water and the wait game begins.  What will we see, if anything, sprout?  The most collected type of seed was a burr, but I am sure I seen Bear running through dandelions!
I try to do a puzzel time as well.
 This is a puzzel we put together one day.

Our "Morning Basket"  Where our first 15 -20 minutes worth learning is. 
Not all books are read daily, but we have a variety to pick from.
How was your week?  Did you have break throughs at all or change things up a bit this week?

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  1. Wow that nature class sound neat. I hope your socks grow!


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