Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whirls and Swirls

The past few days, since the weather has been unkind to my garden outside, I have been working on the inside.  Lists, plans, ideas...  I even cleaned out a bunch of my kitchen drawers and got rid of stuff (though one would be hard pressed to be able to tell).  Amongst all this flurry (and in between rests --between my back and a cold my breaks are often) the same thoughts keep pushing their way forward.  What to do for next year.  I have already decided that our school year will begin in late August, the last week to be exact.

Now the hard part:  Do I go with a curriculum?  Do I wing it and let Sarah guide the way?  Do I do a combination?  If I go with a curriculum, which one do I use?  Should I pick from many or just one, and the most troubling nagging question; am I doing right?  Should I structure it like a school day?  Will I be able to do this and keep her learning?  My mind is swirling and whirling around about these questions.  This year we have taken the year, when many of her peers have already started preschool, to get use to play and activities and exploration with a few lessons thrown in when and where the interest is.  However next year we should be nearing those cognitive stages where things will begin clicking in her mind as she turns 4 and works her way to 5.  I want to start a pre-K and K (can they really be separated) but where does one start with a 4 year old?  Where do we even fall into in terms of home school style?  Am I the only one?????  Am I all alone on this journey? 

Thus the journey and a new chapter is beginning....

Happy Tending!
Outside my window... Sun breaks

I am thinking... about all sorts of stuff and how much I want to create something!

I am thankful for...  A loving God

I am wearing... clothes!  LOL

I am remembering... how as a child I loved pretending my black 3 speed was a horse and we would gallop all over the place.  The magic of childhood!

I am going... to plan a birthday party....  for August.

I am currently reading... several blogs

I am hoping... Sarah and I get over the cold quickly.  Both of us have it now.

On my mind... How can I make more storage space and organize better. 

Noticing that... We still have our winter flag up... oooppppps

Pondering these words... "Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?" 

From the kitchen... Homemade tomato soup & grilled cheese :-)

Around the house... very quiet .... too quiet.  Bob and Sarah are at the auto parts store!

One of my favorite things… fuzzy socks and clean sheets on the bed.  :-)

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  1. Take the advice of your mama and teach her how to read, but hold off school until she is 6 or 7.


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