Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little things

Funny little things are 3 year olds and their wild imaginations. Just today we had a picnic on the living room floor, only it wasn't the livingroom carpet anymore but a sandy beach. Then, my little wild child stacked two chairs on top of each other while my back was turned and before I could do anything slid down them and grinned and said "a water slide mommy!" I swear, writers should have to be 3 years old to write! The imagination is unlimited it seems!

We are going to Little Gym now. Bear enjoys it and I'm very happy with the low class ratio thus far. Two teachers and maybe at most 6 or 7 kids.

I am having a blast right now listening to Bob and Sarah discuss potty training and how important it is. Daddy is telling Bear how he is potty trained. Yes, still working on it. LOL

Outside my window... rain rain go away.... but like I tell Sarah, it's God watering the ground...

I am thinking... I need to clean the house a bit before tomorrow.

I am thankful for... Grandma

I am wearing... Pj's still...

I am remembering... did we pay all the bills????

I am going... to take some pictures this early afternoon.

I am currently reading... The internet right this moment....

I am hoping... I can figure out what to take a picture of.......

On my mind... The recent quake in Japan

Noticing that... little things are the best.

Pondering these words... "you need to..."

From the kitchen... the sound of silence

Around the house... giggles and blocks

One of my favorite things… slow days with loved ones

Blessed Tendings!

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