Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

Yesterday was so lovely! Really a day to remind us of God's love and that spring will rise from it's seemingly never ending slumber. Our little Bear spent most of the day outside, playing in her sand box and exploring the dirt looking for earth worms. Yes, she found some.

So I am starting to coupon. But while we saved a lot last night and we wont have need for personal care products for a bit it did take nearly two hours. LOL Needless to say that Bob was impressed with saving more than $70 but was unimpressed with the 2 hour shopping trip. I need to figure out a good system. I only buy what we use and just because there is a coupon doesn't mean if the store brand is cheaper that I wont use the store brand instead. I want to save money, not still pay more with a coupon than the store brand is all the time. NOT A CRAZY COUPON LADY, yet. LOL

Hoping this week I can get out and transplant some of the raspberry plants to their new bed. I am working on it and hope my aching right now leg will allow it. Just so excited about getting in the dirt and maybe planting some spring seeds like peas and lettuce. :-)

Outside my window... it's windy???? where did that come from? I thought we were going to get some spring in the air this whole weekend.

I am thinking... A nap would be nice. Everyone else is napping.

I am thankful for... My risen Savior.

I am wearing... a red dress and black socks.

I am remembering... I want to order my grain mill!

I am going... do laundry in a few minutes, though it's Sunday..... maybe I should rest. :-)

I am currently reading... nothing.... nada ...... zilch.

I am hoping... Sarah feels better. Poor little thing came home from church and went right into bed to lay down. Hard when your 3 year old does that.

On my mind... Ok so we did what to Libya? and why did we do that exactly? I will admit I tend to be a bit of a isolationist when it comes to foreign policy. Not many understand this, but...... it's me.

Noticing that... the wind chimes make really pretty music.

Pondering these words... "first day of spring"

From the kitchen... gonna make juice in my champion juicer that is new to me! :-)

Around the house... quiet.....

One of my favorite things… hot cocoa, warm love and rich friendships (I guess that's really 3 huh?--oh well who's counting....).

Blessed Tendings!

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