Monday, November 15, 2010


I think we are gonna have some winter weather this year here in the Pacific North West. Last year was so mild, I remember we went out the first part of January looking for snow and were unable to find more than patches.

Thanks giving will be here before we know it. Can you name a handful of things you are thankful for? I think most can say they are thankful for their job, home and family. I want to also add I am thankful for a kind and loving husband, the blessing of a healthy little girl, my mom, friends that care about us locally and even far away. Family that we can't see often enough, though we love them dearly and even Ollie, our furbaby. Most of all, I know for me, none of my life would be possible if it weren't for the love of God and the Son he gave up for our sins. The blood of Christ is so important to me (Acts 2:38).

So I hope each and everyone that is reading this finds their November filled with love and joy and all those that they hold dear. May your garden be overflowing!

Happy Tending,

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