Friday, October 29, 2010

Show some kindess

Sometimes, well more often then I like really, I get irritated with how people behave toward others. Honestly, how can we raise our children to be loving and kind and help those less fortunate if we don't set the example? When the day is done, where have your laid up your treasures?

I am not impressed with material goods. I'll be just as friendly with the lady that cleans the rooms at the local motel as the university professor that teaches classes at the local college. Occupation doesn't make a person compassionate, worthy of friendship or any other myriad of things that people judge by. Let me repeat that again. I don't care if you push a broom or you sit on your rear end managing a multimillion dollar company, what makes you a good person is deeper than that. I am impressed with kindness shown toward others, YES, KINDNESS. Love toward others rather than the pumping up of your own inadequacies.

Ouch. Well if it stings a little, maybe you need to examine yourself and what you find important in life. Don't treat others badly. It's just wrong. We try to raise our children to be nice and to share, yet how can they learn if the person they look up to the most is a rotten example? Let's call it right. A rotten, smelly example of how to treat others, even those in a different position than yourself. We all walk different paths and just because someone doesn't live in the "best neighborhood" or have the "best occupation" doesn't mean they are unworthy of notice or friendship. This elitist attitude must change.

We reap what we sow. I am far from perfect, but I do try to be kind and understanding of people in all stations of life. We want our daughter to not judge on material goods but rather on the fruits a person produces. What fruit are your children seeing on your vine? Is it one of love toward others? Only you can really know what fruits you're showing. Let's all start this day with a new and encouraging spirit. Let's all try to show a little love and treat people as we want to be treated.


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