Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ya know....

Tonight was my "Kim's Night Out." That's one night a month where I get to go and hang out with my Biker Chicks. We go to a local eatery, and we... well I could say we plot to overthrow the male world, but really ... what we do is eat and talk about women stuff and bikes. Mostly we eat and gossip though. I look forward to it. My back has been sore so no bike time for me, I got to lust after Debi's and Jackie's bikes though. I miss the freedom of a bike. It's kind of a grounding thing. Weird I know. Back on soon I hope!

My Biker Chicks are all really cool. We have ladies from all walks of life. The active members are small (a dozen or so) but we have so much fun together. You know, biking, eating and um, "swapping" tales.

Kids are like bikes. You have all kinds of bikes. Street bikes, cruisers, drag bikes, race bikes, choppers...... and there are all types of kids..... You get all types of bikes or all types of kids together and you get a lot of noise and a lot of fun. Today at Sarah's play group it was a perfect example. All ages of children together in one room playing.... The noise level could rival that of a monster truck rally. Seriously. And the chaos... well, let's just say I came in and said to some of the moms, "If this was my living room I would sit down and cry..." TOYS ALL OVER. But the chaos was fun. Children, like motorcycles, need care, dry warm places and love. Children can maneuver exactly like a motorcycle too. I mean have you ever had to run after a two year old, they can turn on a dime and giggle the whole time.

Anyway, that jumbled thought just crossed my mind.

Happy Gardening! :-)

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