Thursday, February 25, 2010

So long and now it's spring!

Where has the time gone? Everywhere but here it seems.

My little cuddle bunny is such a fun thing. Lately she has been making some pretty big decisions for a 2 year old, like who her friends and favorite friends are. Finally, after Grandma, Daddy, Ollie and her little friend Nathaniel, last night I heard out of the blue at Freddie's, "Mommy, your Sarah's favorite friend." Have you ever heard sweeter words in your life?

Today my streak of good fortune continued. We made a long overdue trek to Ikea in Renton and as we were leaving Bear got an ice cream cone. As I was putting her back into the car seat, she exclaimed, "Love you mommy." Wow! So for two evenings I have been basking in the glow that my wee girl thinks I might be doing a good job.

It's nice to be recognized once in awhile. Even if all you are doing is what you consider normal and part of your "job" it's nice to hear someone, boss, customer, fellow employee or spouse and children smile at you and say, "Job well done. You are awesome!" Let's spread some of that around.... A new kind of pass it forward in an age of looking after oneself. Let's lift up our friends and family and tell them we appreciate them.

Happy Gardening,

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