Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life Styles of the not so rich or famous

So let's start by introducing who I am and what I'm about. That might take some deep mental thought though, so give me a few minutes.

Hi! My name is Kim. I am the mother of a active 2 year old (Bear 8/2007) and wife to a great husband (Bob) that tends to keep me busy, and I work full time on top of it all. We also have Ollie. A big black Lab mix.

I enjoy being a wife, mom, college student, work, and I'm active in a local motorcycle group. I ride my own. Yep. I also enjoy Jazz, gardening, cooking, stained glass (BB), painting (BB), and photography. Throw in traveling and exploring and you have me.

So what's the concept behind this?  The reason why I have decided to blog my heart away....????  I wish it was something profound, like to bring about world peace, an end to hunger, or something noble... Alas no.  Its to look deep within my inner workings and write them down along with my inspirations, aspirations, dreams, hopes, desires and how it is being an older first time mom and finding time to still have a life. Maybe together we can do this.

Happy Tending!


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