Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ways to love a book--#1

I am going to be posting, periodically, about 100+ ways we can love a book (or show others we love a book!).  Get ready and put your crafting apron on!  This first way is fun, I can't find my pictures, but when I do I will re-post and include them!  Share your creations with me!

100 Ways to love a book....  #1

If you really love a book, or a scene from a book, make a diorama!  Yes!  Pull out that old shoe box, the glue sticks, paints, crayons , bits of sticks, pebbles, felt, whatever you are inclined to use (good reason to go on a nature hike!) and create a diorama!

First step is to think about the perfect book, scene chapter, etc., that you want to create!  Next pull out a bit of paper and begin to “sketch” what you want to do.  Are there swing sets, a pirate ship, or a deserted island in the back ground?  Maybe you have a lake and mountain and a speeding boat in the back ground?  Well you want to be sure to know what you need to do and the order you need to do it in!  Third, take the lid off the shoe box.  You might need to cut this off (if you are younger than 16 I would make sure Mom or Dad –or another grown up is in the house and OK with you undertaking this project!).  Don’t throw the lid away though!  It’s sturdy and can be used for your characters!  More about that later!

Four.  Now that we have the lid off the shoe box, gather all your supplies and lay them out in a place you can find them.  When that is done, make sure the table is protected, Now, this next step is important; lay the box on its side.  Once it’s on its side you can really visualize how things will be shaping up.  You can paint, draw, color, etc.,  the back and sides of the inside of your box.  Are you creating a park, maybe a lake where a Dad and his daughter, or son, is fishing?  You will want to make sure you depict that.  But feel free to have a little creative liberty.  

Next, the new bottom (side) of the show box should be painted, designed, glued, taped, or whatever you need to help depict the foreground (the front) of the story.  Maybe a dock is jutting out into a lake, or a field of wild flowers is in the foreground….  Let’s see it!  Remember you are depicting a story.  You want your diorama to tell a story!  

Do you remember that lid we set aside?  Trace your characters on the lid and cut them out.  After you have cut them out color them! Markers, crayons, pencils, and some paints are great tools for this.  Don’t throw the scraps away just yet though!  Make little stands out of them to help position your characters inside your diorama.  (see diagram). 

Now you can sit back.  Look at what you created!

Go love on a book today!

Happy Tending,


  1. Hi Jim! Not sure you remember me but we know each other through PASH from many years ago. Dare I say 11-12??? You had Sarah right before or after I had Emily. I was scrolling through blogs I used to follow and found yours. I hope you and your family are doing well. Emily has had to do dioramas in school for book reports and now Jillian is in the class with the teacher who assigns them so I believe I have two more years of diorama making in my future. They are fun, that's for sure. Makes you think outside the box! Pun intended. Lol Glad to see you're back to on going. His did the food30 (I think thats what you called it) work out? Hope to hear from you. ~Mary Krueger (Wisconsin)

    1. Sorry- auto correct!!! Kim not Jim. I must learn to proofread before posting. I'm sorry!


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