Thursday, July 6, 2017

Progress in the midst of some chaos

What a week. 
Truly, Progress in the midst of some chaos.....

Grandma Mary Ellen's old Stove
Before I left for UBAM National Convention we decided I needed to move my "office" work space back into the house.  Last year I moved out to a storage shed, and while it has been working fine, it was not good for working in the evenings or weekends and leaving the kiddo in the house.  Since I returned we have been purging and redoing a few things so I can make the transition back into the house, but this time have a real space, not the kitchen table or a small corner in the bedroom where I can keep Hubs up all night. 

I have turned a 8x8 corner of the family room into "command central" as Hubs calls it.  Pictures of that will be forth coming as it is fully completed.  BUT the purging, while LONG over due, has taken a LONG time to accomplish, and this is just ONE ROOM.  We have donated, hauled off, and otherwise disposed of more than two pick up loads of stuff, I der-say much of it junk.  While doing all of this we have redone the floor in the family and dinning room, which was very much needed.  The living room will happen AFTER I recover from this purge.  it wasn't until the dinning room and family got new flooring that it was plainly seen and decided that the living room was in desperate need as well.  Maybe late fall I will take a weekend and we will do the living room.

Callie Cat and Duke have been totally wandering around like we have flipped our lids.

The "Workman" Cabinet did get a cleaning and is now on a weekly schedule for Lemon Oil to nourish the wood a little more.  Here it is resting in a new, and I think, better location.

 Through all this upheaval and sorting, and yes there have been some tense moments, I know God is beside us and guiding us.  It's been a tough and tight spring and early summer, but I see God's hand in so much.  He see's our every need, and I know He provides for us.  God is so good. 

I will catch up more later, and I do love getting comments from my gentle friends, but for now it's back to work, but I am leaving you with this:

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