Friday, January 2, 2015

Introducing 3in30: Version 2015

The 3 in 30.....

What is it? 

Sometimes the easiest way to accomplish needed tasks and goals are to take them in small bits and work to accomplish them, one bit by one bit at a time.

The 3 in 30 is simply picking three goals and working on completing them in thirty days.  For example, de-cluttering a counter top, going through and organizing a computer file system, dusting the cobwebs away from every room might be the three goals you set before yourself.  They don't need to be earth shattering goals.  Just three things you want to accomplish during a given month.

**I use to do this with another blog--as you may recall-- but they don't seem to be doing it any longer....  I need the accountability!  *grin*

Why do it?

Well, simply it breaks down tasks into bite size chunks.  Maybe your goal is to organize your home.  Well that sounds great until you roll up your sleeves and attempt to do it.   When you break it up into smaller manageable slots of time its easier to reach the end because you don't get overwhelmed.  You can pick organizing your cabinets, pantry, bookshelves, or whatever you goal is.  Try it, see if it doesn't help you.

Care to join me?

It costs nothing, and no harm will come to just give it an honest try.  Each Friday post on your blog, twitter feed, Facebook wall, or whatever giving us an update.  If you blog, post your update and link up right here including posting a link to the link up post on your blog!  Accountability is a large part of the battle!

So here is my 3in30 for January 2015
1) Organize my computer desk area; its become a catch all and totally not user friendly currently.
2) Organize my sewing area.  Over November and December it got a bit out of hand.  It needs to be tidied up a but, well ok, a lot!
3) Go through clothes and get ready to donate or toss all those unneeded.

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