Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ring the bells, 2015 is nearly here...

Well that time of year is upon us once again.  A time to make goals that few of us will keep; will we leave 2015 feeling defeated or worse, will we have forgotten what goals we set a mere twelve months before. 

So do tell, will you be making "New Years Goals or Resolutions" this year?

Yes, I am going forward boldly. I have made some goals....
  • I am giving my Usborne Business 100% effort.
  • Being joy filled.
  • We will be eating a more whole/unprocessed diet again...  or at least the best we can.
  • I will be doing a 3 in 30 challenge every month (will you take it with me?)
That is the sum total of what I am putting on our plate as we go forward from here on out. 

What are you planing for 2015 as we march boldly into the new year?

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