Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May showers

Bring weeds in June....  Or rather, it makes the weeds bloom even more!  Our property is over run with a plant called Scottsbloom/Scottsbroom (and blackberries) and trust me, to the newbie it might look like a pretty yellow bush, but it is evil!  Yes indeed!

I was told by the dish network guy--and he assured me he knew everything about living out here in the boon-sticks!--that Scottsbloom used to be used by Scottish women who migrated to the Northwest for brooms... figures, I mean you know, it could be it got the name from, oh I don't know....  a bakery?  I suppose it may have made a great plant for that.  I even toyed with looking at how to make brooms and selling them to rich Microsoft and Amazon employees....  I might still.  I'll Google it later. *grin*

We have a garden, our baby raspberry patch, a couple blueberry plants, and a dream.

Some things I like about living in the sticks "so far from civilization"  (um, really?  I still can get my Amazon Prime and I can still make it to the city in under 45 minutes).
  • The quiet solitude. 
  • Listening to the birds begin their morning song. 
  • The crunch of pine needles as I tramp in the yard and "nature area".
  • The way the dew looks like sprinkles of pixie dust on wild flowers in the morning sunshine (I don't have my camera always with me I need to try to capture this!).
  • Walking outside in PJ's at 9 pm or 8 am, its all the same! 
  • Sun Tea.  Its tastes better in the country.
  • The hiss of the sprinkler and the buzz of the bees.
But one thing that I don't like--and Duke concurs!--is the obnoxious SQUIRRELS!  Those buggers are an annoyance and today I witnessed them actually climb down the tree beside the house and TAUNT the dog!  I wonder what they would do if he learned to climb a tree? 

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