Monday, May 12, 2014

A life time away

A lot has happened in the past couple months. I have been very caught up in getting the needs to be done things accomplished that I haven't had time to write here, but I am here now and can sit and breathe again most evenings.....  Life does that....  seasons of life.

We are now living on s small bit of land, almost 1.5 acres, and pursuing a dream.  Eventually, the dream includes a dozen or two chickens, some turkeys, geese, small goose pond, perhaps a goat or two, a calf for meat, chickens for meat, and our garden area.  I want to plant a couple apple trees, plum trees, and undecided on pear.  Its a work in progress and I will be updating our progress periodically!  *smile*

Its a good move for our family.  We have named our small piece of the kingdom, Promise Farm.  God promises that He will provide and give us what we need when we wait upon Him.  This farm was what He had set aside for us.  We bought it and moved in during His time, not ours.  As much as we wanted to rush and know a year ago what his plan was for our future, I know that waiting upon God to show us His will is best.  God provides, ALWAYS, for those that love Him.  For whatever reason, we are not city dwellers any longer.  Its been a good move for our family....  as is telling by early bedtimes and dirty hands.

Swing set is back up and being put to goo use, of course Duke is overseeing it.
Bear got her swing set back and its in a fun corner of the property, backed up to a semi wooded area (of course there are a lot of woods around us).  With her swing set she has been outside even more, this is good for her.  She had gotten into the habit, as we all did while living in an apartment, of watching TV rather than playing outside.  She is one happy camper having that back in use!

She can't wait to make friends with the neighbor girls that live one house down the gravel road, and yes, we are discussing the possibility of a puppy in the near future.  *yes, mom's a pushover*

Another big thing that occurred this spring is that I promoted to Team Leader in Usborne.  This is an exciting event.  I am virtually taking the month of May off of anything to speak of.

and that's the nut shell....

Showing some brush whose boss!

Clearing away brush in the back section.

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