Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The beauty

Beauty is.

Beauty is finding something that reminds you of a friend many times during a walk in the woods.

Beauty is listening to the silence of a snowy parking lot.

Beauty is the laughter of your daughter when she tells an epic joke.  Like this one:

Mommy, why did the sheep cross the road?
I don't know.  Why did the sheep cross the road?
To take a BAAATH.

I mean seriously, can you think of much more that is as beautiful as your child bent over in peals of laughter after a joke like this?  

We have hit some winter doldrums I believe and her laughter is a welcome reprieve from other more pressing matters. 

More pressing matters like making valentines?  Playing in newly fallen snow? No, really when you think about it those simple things are what matters. 

But that old devil tries to whip your head around and screams at you, "LOOK AT ME!" and so the things that matter take a backseat to the things we have no control over. 

Who cares what others think?  Sadly, we do.  We second guess what we know is best for our family because someone else has a different ideal.  What about focusing more on God?  Oh that old devil again....  Our desire to live more in-tune with God and his plan for us is not popular.  The beauty of what God can and has prepared for us is in the distance but the race is hard.  What really matters Kim? 

Have you ever noticed that rarely what God has set aside for us make us become obsessive?   To rule and control the adversary makes the world press in on us.  God's way isn't like that.  He puts the truth out there and it stands alone. 

So bring it on.....  Bring on the valentines and snow angels.  Bring on the 7 am snowmen and all day sledding runs.  Bring on the jokes about cows and sheep.  Bring on the dog just wanting to have you throw the ball for an hour, or two..... or three.  Bring on the simple joys that remind us of God's love, His grace, and His peace.


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