Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monday Reflections explained

Monday Reflections.
I am going to use Mondays to reflect on the past week, share some thoughts, poems, and pictures.

I hope you enjoy this. Hopefully it helps me to keep always remembering the whys of things.  Why God has brought us to this place.  Why I am doing what I am doing and encourage me to always remember the mantra of "I can, I ought, I will" as I go about my daily tasks and planning for the week.

We all need moments of reflection and seeing if the path we are on is really where God would have us go.  Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves.  II Corinthians13:5  We all need places to share our thoughts.  I guess this is where I should put the disclaimer....  these are thoughts, wonderings, sometimes very personal.  Please don't send or post hateful comments.  Feel free to comment, even if you disagree, but do so in a loving spirit, or don't do so at all. 

Today I am sharing a poem  I read recently.  Its "Into the Woodland" by Robert Patinson.  I find that when I am in the wood, I am often reflecting on God, his power, and his love for me.  He created the forest, rivers, oceans, meadows, plains, and majestic peaks for my eye, and I imagine him walking with me enjoying the damp earth and mossy trees full of little woodland creatures.  I imagine him hiding a smile at my daughters chatter as my husband explains some intricate matter of great importance.  I find great solace in peaceful places. 

 Into the Woodland
by Robert Patinson

I wonder further in the wood
then pause to take in all I could,
and there beneath its canopy
I'm caught up in all its beauty.
The colours start in palest green
a vibrant living leafy screen,
and spreading out in waves of pink
the Willow Herb and nettles link.
Insects buzz in whispered words,
the broad old Oak is full of birds
where Great Tits dare an early call,
beneath Jays dig within the sprawl.
Beyond a line of Foxglove towers
rise above a glade of flowers
and light, a shaft between the trees
guides me on with quiet ease.


Thank you for taking a few moments to share your comments with me. It means a lot. Thank you!