Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The little worm

Rainy weather doesn't keep this family down.  Nope.  Today the weather dawned cloudy and rainy, typical winter in the "Northwet."  Instead of letting the rain keep us inside we donned our winter coats and this afternoon went to the park with Bear's bicycle.  I had plans to let her ride until she fell over from sheer exhaustion.

Did I already lose the mother of the year award for even thinking to wear her out?  *grin* Oh well.

Rain doesn't keep us in, we still venture out.  Today, because we ventured out, I witnessed a very sweet and gentle side to my daughter that would have remained hidden otherwise on this day.  She is a really gentle and compassionate child always but in her rough and tumble zeal for exploration and learning it can be lost (actually its just overlooked by us frazzled grownups).

I actually love outside play dates when the air is misty and there is a fog lying about.  Yes its a bit chilly but I use the opportunity to stretch my own legs and marvel at the creation given to us by God.

As Bear was riding her bicycle around and around she suddenly came to an abrupt stop.  I could see her cradling something in her hand and it was with some dread that I walked over and continued to ply her with questions.  What could she possibly be holding that was causing her to be near tears?

A worm.  A skinny worm.

She said she thought she ran over the worm and killed it. 

Right there in the park, no shovels to our name, we scrapped a hole and buried a worm (I can't say if it was dead or not).  I told her she should place the worm in the grass and if it were dead it would become food for the robins that we had seen in the park.  That was met with tears.  Big huge tears.  Thus I smiled a little smile and helped her dig the little trench/hole.  I thought that would be that after we covered the little thing.  No, she began to search for the proper stone.  She did this all with the utmost of care and reverence.

I was surprised, not by the concern that she showed but by the depth of her care.  She earned her daughter of the year award right there. Its times like today that I think to myself, "maybe I am doing something right after all."

Yes, I am glad, despite the rain, that we went out today.  It was worth the effort for her excitement and smiles.  It was worth it to witness her compassion. 

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