Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkins Galore

Today I want to share a craft I first seen on a friend's Facebook page for her blog.  She is another Homeschool Mom of four kiddos.  You can see her Facebook page here...  I changed it just a bit from what she did, but only because I wanted to use what we had on hand.


You will need construction paper (we used black), drawing paper, a black crayon, chalk pastels, glue stick, scissors, tape, and a piece of tissue paper. 
Step 1:  On your drawing paper draw a pumpkin with your black crayon.  You are just doing the outlining, not coloring of the pumpkin. I added leaves to mine, but Bear left them off of her pumpkin. 
Step 2:  This is where the creative juices can really flow.  I let Bear use a whole rainbow of colors.  Smudging occasionally as we went along.  My pumpkin ended up blended more so than Bears.  But they both looked just fine!
Step 3 & 4:  Next you carefully cut out your pumpkin.  When you have done that you can then glue your brightly colored squash onto your colored construction paper (we used black) with your glue sticks, not too much glue now, just enough to make it stick.  This is when I also glued the leaves onto my project as well. 
Feel free, after you have done this, to decorate the background a bit with chalks as well (as seen in step 5).
And here you have the completed project.  Use the tape to place it on a window in your home. 
What kinds of fun things do you do in October for crafts?






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