Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Acountability Update

It has been almost a year since we bought Accountable Kids.  I am not an affiliate site, they have given me nothing for writing this update.  I am just giving my honest opinion on how it has went in the year we have had the chart.  We have been without our chart since late June until last week, so I add that for your understanding.

It was a rocky start.  Some things that we are still working on are they daily reminders.  All I have to do is ask, "have you done your Accountable Kids?" and she will generally run and complete what tasks she is able to do.  When we packed it up I was shocked with how she cried over not having it.  She enjoys the flipping of cards, as I think it gives her a sense of accomplishment. 

We did end up adapting it a bit from what others do.  Frankly, while I ordered the book, it was not something I found as beneficial as just watching the videos.  Hubs and I were able to view the videos together in an evening.  I was able to get Bear excited about starting it as well.  I think this prep went a long way in our home to Bear loving it so much.  Its her chart.  I, personally, would not say you needed to buy the book.  I do have it though if I ever need it in the future. 

We only give stars for a special occasion outing when a job or deed has been OUTSTANDING.  Only one card has been filled thus far.  We have allowed Bear to save her bonus bucks for special things or she can save them up to buy from "Mom and Pop's Store"  These are generally items that we pick up cheap.  They have a cost to them and she can spend her bonus bucks on one or two things or buy something small and save the rest, or, better yet, save them all. 

If all her chores are done she earns one bonus buck a day.  For each section of the day she can earn tickets (this is how we have broken it down).  We have three sections to her routine; morning, day, evening.  Each of these sections can earn her a ticket.  Extra chores from the "Above and Beyond" stack can be done for Bonus Bucks.   

The Tickets can be spent on privileges, or saved for bonus bucks.  In our home Bear has yet to save her tickets.  They get used for movies or TV programs that aren't what I normally let her see.   For example, I normally let her sit down mid morning and watch Wild Krats, this is not something I would make her give up a ticket for.  If she wanted to watch Jake and the Never Land Pirates she would need to give up a ticket.  If she wanted to watch a movie that we didn't have planned for the day, she would give up all her tickets.  We are trying to show her that there is a COST and these things aren't free.  She can make choices, but they need to be wise choices.    

I know this isn't how everyone uses the program, but at 5 and 6 years old this is what we did to suit our current needs.  We haven't incorporated all the cards yet into our family program, that may come in time.  I also don't change out the chores daily.  I wanted something easy for me, and good for Bear as a visual reminder of what she needs to do every day and so what we have is working. 

On an appointed day we tally up bonus bucks.  We have recently decided that it will be done at a weekly family meeting (more on that to come). We think we are ready to move into something more formal, and a more formal accounting system for her. 

Yes, I recommend Accountable Kids.  The program, in conjunction with "Zoning," has been a blessing for our family.  Does it work always, 100% of the time, no; but it sure has made for less tension. 

Now if they only made a program like that for dogs and husbands......*grin*

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