Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thankful Surprises...

Here is some coffee to start your day off right!
God has a very profound way of letting us know He provides and take great care in our needs.  GREAT CARE.  

I could list off the things God has done in the past four or five days that is truly beyond what we imagined, but time would fail me.  Yes, there has been a lot of trials, but He has worked those through in His time when we have had to lean on Him and not our own selves.

I have made a few decisions this summer.  In September I will begin my 3 in 30 challenges again.  This is a thankful reminder that I need to keep things simple and give God room to work.

I am thankful for the wonderful Bible study we have been having the past few Wednesday evenings.  We have been discussing prayer and the importance of a prayer life/relationship.  I plan to share some of the insights here as time goes by.  I have been convicted of the need for a better prayer life for me, and to show the importance of it to my daughter. 

Alexis, Hubs and Bear's cousin, had a lump return to her leg -- as you recall last year about this time it was discovered that she had a cancerous tumor on her leg.  They removed it all but couldn't promise it wouldn't return.  When she had the lump return, of course we were concerned; as were her doctors.  The family spent a week of uncertainty and then got the good news that the surgeons and doctors believe it is just a stitch that didn't dissolve correctly.  This is an answered prayer.  Such a tough and brave little girl.  Her family has been through a lot this year and our prayers continue. 

So amidst trials, deaths of a dear sister in Christ, loss of a beloved pet, and uncertainty we see reasons for rejoicing!

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