Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I think I am approaching a burnout.  This move has got me stressed, tired, anxious, and my patience is wearing thin with everyone....  real fast.  Do you have days like that?  Seasons in your life?

Thursday, July 11th, is most likely the last night we will be spending in our home.  I am missing it already.  My heart is aching, even while I am looking forward with hope and excitement.  Its an unknown feeling, to be leaving a much beloved home and charging into unknown waters....  at least we have a life vest....  Christ!

We thought we had a new house already, but....  inspections are a must in this day and age.  There were a lot of hidden issues that when you add those to the problems we knew about added up to more than we could stomach.  Friday we will bid on another house and hoping and praying we will win the bid/offer on this house.  The market is a sellers market, and interest rates are on the rise.  Just pray for us and our little family.  Grammy is needing to be with us more each day. 

God has a place for us.  I know it.  He has plans for us.  I know it.  He will take care of us.  I know this as well.  I am not doubting Him in the least; I am accepting but I am also very tired.  Moving is very hard.  Its stressful.  Bear is constantly asking, "when will we have fun?"  I want to have fun, and I am so wiped out fun to me is getting into bed and pulling the covers up over my face! I am hoping we will have a bit of down time soon.  We all need it.  The past 4-5 months of preparing ourselves for this has been stressful on each of us. 

God has such a powerful way of making sure I know that I must lean on Him.  That I must do my part in the process as well. 

Thus tonight I am posting this and asking for prayers,  prayers for peace and strength (both physical and emotional) to get through this and for the new home that God has for us to be seen by us and for our peace in what He has in store.  In the meantime, we are packing, renting a garage, a truck and leaving our long beloved home....  charging into the unknown and waiting with expectant hearts for God's time and His will to be done.

Have a good evening gentle friends.

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