Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Husband....

The Hubs. 

The Hubs and Bear recently
getting ready to ride
home after church.  He enjoys
spending time with his child.
I don't share much of what he's doing....  I make comments every so often, but he is always here in the background.  Grounding me, lavishing encouragement, helping me to see another side....  He makes me complete.  I know, I know....  in our modern age, telling someone, much less the universe (or at least a handful of readers) that I wasn't complete before I met and married my husband is about equal with someone saying they kick old dogs in their free time. 

I am taking this space today, these few minutes it will take me to write about him, and devoting it to him.  When I say he is awesome,  he is.  I'm not just whistling Dixie and trying to prove something.  Anyone who knows him knows the truth.  Is he perfect?  No.  But he is the man that completes my life. 

Hubs is calm where I am like wild rapids.  He truly does ground me. 

When family squabbles occur between my siblings and I rather than goading (as one SIL is want to do) he steps back and attempts to get reason to reign again .... and waits.  He knows that I will calm again and with his calming presence I will do it more quickly.  He is right to do this.  I know he understands me, sees my side, but he also knows that getting involved in family dynamics that he wasn't brought up in is pointless.  The best thing he can do is be the calm life raft that I can reach for.  When I reach for it, he can then pull me to safety.  My youngest brother should realize the man he puts down as weak is a much greater and stronger man than he will ever be. 

Hubs is a great father.  Bear adores him and will run and greet him at the door.  Each morning she requests her kiss before he leaves.  He encourages her in her adventures.  He teaches her about things I could never even fathom being important.  But he also teaches her how to change sparkplugs, tie knots, throw a ball, and catch the football.  He gives her a side of life I could never give her alone.  She is learning what a good man is, how a good man treats his wife and family.  My prayer is that she finds a man like her daddy one day.  A man that understands what family is and how important his role is in it. 

He is consistent.  In love.  In Discipline when its needed. 

He works very hard at a job that is tough, and still comes home to deal with crying females on days that have went to you know where and a hand basket.  Just his entering the room Bear knows....  His calmness permeates everything.  REALLY.  In all the years we have been together he has only raised his voice once while upset, that I can recall.    It was enough that I was immediately shocked into stunned silence. 

I wish he could do more of what he wants to do.  I wish with all my heart he could.  He has never said he is upset or disappointed in not having his single days backNEVER.  Some men go around and say they still need to be with the guys and they insist on doing all or many of the things they did when they were single...  Not Hubs.  I have told him I have no problem if he wants to, I understand the need to completely relax, but he has rarely went out with the "guys".  He says he has more fun going out with his family.  He asks for so little, his greatest desire is for his family to be happy and healthy.  I wish he could have everything he wants, and he says he already has it. 

He thinks I am a great cook, gifted writer (HA!), talented artist, and the best lover in the world.  I am humbled.  I am in awe still that God directed our lives to find each other.  It was through God.  If I had never became a Christian, I would have never met my husband, nor he I....  I can see God's hand in our lives, and for that I am eternally grateful. 

Hubs is my best friend and will readily admit I am his.

So here I am, a fairly modern educated woman, admitting that I am not complete without my husband.  I am not ashamed.  I am honored and humbled that one so perfect for me cherishes me and loves me.  I am proud to take his name, keep his home, raise his child, and love him. 

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  1. What a heartfelt post! That's what a marriage should be! If he hasn't read this post yet, I'm sure it will make his day! :)

    1. He hasn't yet, and thank you. I am truly blessed.

      Thank you for visiting today!

  2. Awesome, sounds like a wonderful man and I feel very much the same way about my husband. I don't think I could live without him (well, I could breathe but...) I don't tend to say that out loud anymore for the same reasons but it is how I feel! Good for you!

    1. Thank you for visiting! Have a blessed day!


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