Monday, June 17, 2013

Mean Kids...

The Best Friends... 
Sunshine was the victim of someone's
 "little angels" bully her,
because of her looks....
What do you think?
What would you do?
Kids being mean.   KIDS BEING MEAN.

I know we can't really blame the kids, we need to blame the parents.  The parents need to stand up to their kids and tell them their behavior reeks of rotten liver that has spoiled and soured.  Yet, do they?  Are parents really that afraid of their kids?  Or are they really oblivious to the pain they can cause with a few mocking words and laughing mouths.   Why would anyone not stop a bully when they witnessed it.  Why would an adult allow a child to bully another? I'm not talking the petty squabbles about who gets the slid first that occurs in young childhood at three or four; but rather out right bullying.  I am hearing all sorts of talk about young friends at six or seven being bullied by other boys and girls in the same peer group....  This not good.  This is something that was once reserved for third or fourth grade, even highschool....  not kindergarten...or younger.

 Oh, I am upset.....  Its a good thing I wasn't there to witness what happened to Bear's BFF on Saturday at Kandel Park......

Sunshine was born with a cleft pallet.  It doesn't matter though, not one iota.  She's beautiful.  My wee babe has never questioned her beauty and friendship, she loves Sunshine just the way she is.

Sunshine recently went to a local spray park with her mom after a ballet recital.  Its been warm, and Sunshine, like Bear, loves the water and playing with children.  We were unable to join them, chores at home, but now I am unsure if it would have been wise for us to join them; maybe God was keeping me away from the hate filled behavior that kids displayed toward Sunshine. 

I decided to use what happened as a teaching moment.  So we discussed bullies Sunday morning.  Bear was unable to fathom how anyone could even see Sunshine as not looking like herself.  She said, "we look a like except I have short hair and Sunshine has long hair."  Bear has never noticed that Sunshine has some scars.... or if she has, they have never made an impression.... maybe because she is raised around people with scars, and so it normal and natural that everyone looks different.  Maybe she looks beyond appearances and sees the heart, the way children should.  But whatever the reason is, Bear was sad and upset about what happened  to her friend.  Bear sees nothing to not adore about her BFF, well except that Sunshine can ride a bike and she is still struggling with it.  *grin*    Bear and I discussed what happened and how mean it was toward Sunshine; what she should do if she witnessed behavior like that or if someone treated her like that.

BFF's and their AG's
Parents:  If your children get caught up in the gang mentality and bully because everyone is doing it, NIP IT IN THE BUD.  Stop being afraid to parent your children.  Its not funny, its not normal, its not a phase.  It isn't a rite of passage in childhood to be bullied or be a bully.  Teach your child to stick up for those being bullied.  To get adult help, to tell their friends its mean to pick on kids just because they might look different, dress different, live in a different house, or come from a different social-economic class.  People are people and we need to remember the golden rule.  Treat others as you would wish to be treated

It breaks my heart that Sunshine had to endure this.  Despite this, it didn't break her spirit; at least not that we grown-ups have seen.  I wish no child had to endure being bullied.  Today it is rampant, and the only solution I can see are parents rising up and taking back control of their homes and setting good examples.  You place a high importance on setting a good example on eating, exercise, school/education... how about teaching/showing some moral examples?  When you hear about or witness a bully, address it.  Talk about bullying at home, role play situations with your kids.  Find out more info at Stop Bullying--Kids.

Have you encountered a situation where your child was bullied?  Was friends with a victim?  Or the bully?  What have you done?

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