Wednesday, April 10, 2013


or  molehills....  maybe its making mountains out of molehills?  Regardless, we are in constant declutter mode the past few weeks.  Our house is MESSY but we are getting there.  I have a growing pile for the city to pick up on the curb, I have a stack of boxes as I write waiting to be hauled off and someone coming to take a table I am giving away, and another that will be getting two bookshelves.  So we are making progress. 

The surprising thing; I mean the thing that might be surprising to most, through most of it I haven't lost my temper.  Oh there have been moments where I have asked for something ten thousand times and it has yet to be done and I get frustrated, but no huge big melt downs.  We are making progress on many fronts, and life is kind nice not always making a mountain out of a molehill. 

The biggest hurdle we have is weather and Hubs being able to help.  There is a lot I need his help with and very little time that he is able to help.  I am trying very hard to trust in God's timing and that what must be done will be done in His time not our time, or, most importantly, the real estate agents time.  I am hoping all future phone calls are not to me but hubs concerning when we will get work done.  Hubs has lived here in this house since 1981 and there is a lot of nooks and crannies just plain full of stuff. 

If God will provide those basic needs and He knows that we need these things I think He will provide for the other things as well.  So waiting upon Him is the thought for the day.  I know that when our home sells, God will have the perfect home waiting, HIS perfect home for our family.  Please keep this in prayer for us.

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