Friday, January 4, 2013

Nutcracker and Downtown T town

Who ever said kindergarten kids couldn't still find lots of enjoyment in sensory play have never been around Bear.

We took sometime out of the week and visited the Tacoma Children's Museum.

Just look at the fun had by Bear and Felicity....
 Felicity was taken with downtown traffic outside the children's museum in Tacoma.
"I spy you Mom."

Great fun playing with the river rocks ....  smooth, cool, and weighty.  Much more "Funner" than balls.

Look at the scarves go!  I was a bit incredulous that the 12 plus foot length the boys built would go through, but one little boy assured me it would.  It did.

Lunch anyone?

At the Nutcracker in Seattle

They look so grown up reading the Nutcracker program

And now there are FOUR BFFs


ZOOM goes the dolly, zoom goes the dolly....

What a great way to celebrate a new year!


  1. After finally be blessed with a daughter after 5 boys, I can't wait to take my daughter to the Nutcracker.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh it was very fun, though the second half found us a bit more antsy (it looked like all the little girls around us were as well). We have friends that have taken their daughter every year since she was 3. This was our first, and we may wait another year to do it again.


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