Thursday, January 3, 2013

Its the steps baby...

What is simplification?  I mean the word can conjure up a lot of images; but what is it?  Since its my word and the goal I have set out to accomplish in my life during the next 12 months shouldn't I know what it is?

At first glance and even an Internet search on the term, we are thrown a bunch of math terms.  I don't know about you but math is not what I had in mind.  But what can we learn about simplification from a mathematical prespective?  Pause....  ok longer pause.... 


A process by which something is transformed into something more simple.  Well, none of us want to be considered simple.  Is that why we balk at simplifying our lives? 

There are degrees of simplification.  Now in English, I would say, there are steps and you need to follow the steps to reach your simplified end (goal).  This process is called simplification.  See, from a mathematical perspective we can see that the process of becoming more in tune and even more mature in faith, or whatever you have undertaken takes steps and the steps can't be skipped.  There is a process.  You need to do things in steps, you can't accomplish it overnight.  Its a process, gentle friend.

Now you may be thinking that was a stretch to glean that from a mathematical view, but it makes perfect sense to me. 

This process will not happen overnight.  Its a goal of steps and at the end of it is a life more in tune with God's plan for me and my family.  Here's to steps!


  1. Yes, baby steps. Our lives the way they are didn't happen over night. It takes more than one day to change and un-complicate our lives. Happy Steps!


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