Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thus it begins

Its not always pretty, but its always real.

We are doing accountable kids, well, I am attempting to enforce it.  It really does get frustrating and this is one thing I want us to work on this year as we simplify our lives.  There has to be a way of making it work.  Send me your wisdom!  I wish I had the answers....

I think when it comes to my stress level, it can be traced back to a handful of things. 
  • Procrastination
  • Things; or rather an over abundance of some things, and lack of space to put them
  • Over scheduling; the expectations of myself or others toward what should be done and when things need to be done.
Since getting injured I really have had to cut back and I get overwhelmed a lot easier.  Simplification is the key.  We need to streamline our schedules because I have a very hard time juggling a ton of tasks anymore.  I don't know if its age, abusing myself by multitasking for years, the pain I am generally in to some extent, or what but I really can't have all the pots in the fire that I use to.  Its hard to comes to grips with that inability.  Really hard

Simplification..... My one word for 2013

It's a process.  We have to make the effort to capture our hearts and minds.  One would think it was easy, and so many people not facing the task seem to think it is: I know, I was there once.  Its not easy though.  Its a whole mental thing and physical as well. 

I seem to have fallen into the trap in my adult life that to be constantly busy means I have worth.  Its true, think about it.  Many today measure their self worth by how many irons are in the fire.  Look at how we schedule our own children.  Many parents "complain" about their children's amount of activity, but are they really complaining or are they boasting?  Its a trap.  Then when we don't have our children in 120 different activities, and even schedule their summers as well with camps and activities to keep their minds occupied, we feel like we are failing.  We aren't.  Childhood is important and play is vital.  We have cut out a class ourselves.  Ballet is no longer on our schedule and while a part of me shudders, I also know that our family time is much more important.  It was a big decision we had to make this December.  I thought it would shatter Bear, but she is happy.  Her only worry was if stopping ballet class meant she couldn't dance at home anymore.... Silly Girl. 

The unfolding of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple. Ps 119:130  and it does.  Allowing ourselves time to read and the quietness to listen is fundamental.  It doesn't mean you slack off and allow the world to float by.  But having a quietness means you have a peace and a patience.  How many people really have peace anymore?  Do we even know what it means or have we scheduled peace right out of our lives just like we have scheduled God out except for a couple hours on Sunday.  Ouch, hitting some sores I know. 

God needs to be flowing in every corner of our/my being.  We/I need to allow Him to work in our/my lives and I am the worst culprit.  I admit its very hard for me to lay it at the foot of the cross and walk away.  I have to learn to have that ability.  It doesn't mean forgiveness in the sense that we generally think of it, for I don't believe God forgives if we never ask for it.   I don't think he expects it of us.  Rather I need to work on acceptance.  I need to work on humility.  I can't make people ask for forgiveness, so I need to have a accepting heart that they just wont or can't and move on.  Its hard;  but I need to do this.  Acceptance will enable me to further simplify our family and my life. 

Really, when it gets down to it, if I made great inroads to this end and started with me, my family would follow.  You see, by me gaining simplification in my life first, worrying about myself not others,  the family would naturally follow.  That's why the buck stops here.  The rainbow I have discovered is this knowledge.  I can work on me.  I can do this, and when I do the family will naturally follow. But I have to start with me first. 

So it begins....  what the day started with was pain and dismay that my child was being unruly and I was failing as a mother and now I have a sense of peace after seeking His word and talking about it.  I'm not perfect and the potter isn't finished with me yet, but I am growing and learning.

One reason so many Christians today are worn out and faint is because their lives are complicated.  -- Joyce Meyer

A special thank you to Only a Breath and Melanie. We are linking up with her and her One Word for 2013. She graciously provided the graphic for my word.


  1. Very good post, Kim.

    It is tough! Being in the presence of the LORD and allowing the Holy Spirit to wash over you can become an arduous task. Especially when we schedule it out. I find it's vital to have family devotion and prayer time. Once that is in place, it creates a hunger for more... more from the Word, more from GOD in your relationship. I find it very recharging.

    1. Thank you gentle friend. You are very right, God recharges our batteries.

  2. Great word! I'm there with you on this path. It's a slow journey but take heart in every little bit of progress and it will get easier, I am convinced. I finally gave up on even trying classes -- just didn't work for us. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we're depriving our kids of things that others are giving theirs, but in exchange we are giving our kids space to grow in their own way, which is unfortunately all too uncommon these days.

    1. Thank you Tana. My little bear truly enjoys being home and playing in the yard, on her swing set, etc and when we spend more time not doing things like classes she actually can have time to be a kid! :-)


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