Saturday, January 26, 2013

Allow me to introduce

I know I have mentioned before how modesty is something I think is pretty important for our girls to see and do.  For me this doesn't mean long dresses, completely covered arms, and necklines that begin at your ear lobes, though if it does for you, that's fine, but for our house we view it a bit differently.  In my search for showing Bear girls and young women in modest clothing in a positive light I happened upon Olivia and her blog Fresh Modesty.  I became increasingly impressed with her stylish, modern, and MODEST clothing (She also has a new e-book out as well, but her blog has so many tips and ideas on sewing as well).  Olivia is a young Christian lady that talks about service to the community and the importance of helping; she is an inspiration to other young teenage girls and young women, I am so glad I happened upon her blog last month.  I am so happy I can share her blog with you. 

Which brings me to this:  Olivia and her blog, Fresh Modesty, have been presented with the Garden Tenders Blogger Award.  We don't grant these awards very often, and they have to be pretty special for us to offer an award.  They must be family friendly and uplifting.  Fresh Modesty fits the bill.

Please visit Fresh Modesty today and tell her Garden Tenders sent you!  Spread some bloggy love!


  1. What a great blog Fresh Modesty is. Thank you for sharing it. She deserves your award. :)


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