Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wonderful Fabulous Chidhood

Bear is so funny.  One would think that turning 5 was equaled to man landing on the moon.  The whole world seems it will change, when she turns 5.  A few of the things that she says will change are:

  • She will eat her vegetables better, because green beans are only liked by 5 year olds (I gave up questioning this logic).
  • She will sleep without a nightlight, because when you're 5 you are  a big girl.
  • When she's 5 she will be able to go outside in the front yard without mommy, daddy, or g'ma. (Yeah, right....).
  • When she is 5 she will be able to ride her bike without training wheels (I hope so!).
  • When she is 5 she will be able to read her books all by herself (wonderful!).
  • At 5 she will be able to jump higher, because 5 year olds just can.
  • When she is 5 she will dance everywhere she can, because she can.  When you're 5 you are a big girl.
  • When she's 5 she will be able to eat cookies whenever she wants (really?).
  • When she is 5 she can blow bigger bubbles.
  • At 5 she will be tall enough to reach the ceiling (wow!).
AND that is just a sampling of what 5 will bring in her mind.
Turning 4

What brings me joy is that she is still my baby girl.  She still runs for me.  Today she spent hours playing in her sensory bins, moving beans around, dumping gravel, raking, using water and water toys in another bin,  and then switching to using her lacing cards and coloring wings of bright outstanding colors.  Later she designed a kite that she attempted to fly... followed by a fun tale of play fishies in a "fish bowl" and a whole story surrounding them.... all this in one afternoon of pure unadulterated free play.  Giving her the things she could use and letting her imagination take flight.  Right now that is my job as her mommy and teacher. 

She still wants morning and night time cuddles and she still loves to be tickled; so while in her mind 5 is a magical "grown up," all the fingers on one hand, number she is still my wee girl.  Even when she is 5, I will love her and she will be my baby.  I do hope the vegetable thing is true though. *grin*

Yes childhood is a wondrous fascinating thing.  I intend to let her love, play, and be a child for as long as she wants.

Tend your gardens gently gentle friends, because even if they think they are big and not in need of their momma, they still are our babies and they still want hugs and our reassurances. 

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  1. Great post! My oldest just turned 4 and now she is so "big", but I still love having my little girl!

    1. I keep telling Bear she will always be my baby! Thank you for visiting today. Blessings.

  2. One other most wonderful thing about being 5? When someone asks how old you are, you can show them your hand!

    1. I know, awesome huh? I don't have enough fingers or toes to cover my years anymore so I guess being a WHOLE HAND OLD is pretty awesome!

  3. Beautiful post! Even at 15, 12 and 9, my "all grown up" babies still need me. Hopped back from http://mommy-y.com. Thanks for following! I've followed you back. What a darling blog!


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