Friday, December 14, 2012

Lifting up in prayer

It’s ok to be sad.  It’s ok to be mad.  It’s ok to not know what you feel.  It’s ok.  We are grieving and it’s ok to grieve in your own special and unique way.  It’s ok to want to hug those you love and keep them close.  Its normal and it’s ok. 
I am sending out so much love to the families in Portland, Oregon and the families in Newton, Connecticut right now.  Two tragedies this week, one on each coast.  Our prayers are extended, and joined with those around the globe.  May God grant these families strength, courage, peace, and comfort.  In times of severe trauma we need the prayers from others to help lift us up. 

Remember this and add these families to your prayers.  We don’t need to know names, we don’t need to know faces, God knows and that’s enough. 

Our prayers. 

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