Friday, December 28, 2012

A homemade Christmas

At least a few things..
This is a "Tabby Blanket" for babies.  The ribbons and soft flannel are something babies love to chew on and touch, providing great sensory exploration!

 Dress Number 1: For Bear's new AG Doll Felicity.

Rosie's Dress:  For Adelle's AG Doll

Jumper for Felicity

Pants for Felicity

Top for Felicity

Felicity and Rosie each have a similar dress:  This is Felicity's


Little skirt made out of a scrap for Felicity
So these were a few of the things I worked on for my Homemade Christmas.  What did you do?


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    1. THank you. I made one similar as well as a set of flannel burp cloths for my new baby neice in China. She was born yesterday. I'm glad it wasn't on my birthday but she is very close (just as Bear is close to my brother's--her Daddy). As we were making them Bear and I were talking about her new baby cousin cuddleing up with it and then as she gets older using it with her dolls... just as she does. One of the best gifts we were given was a tabby blanket someone made and a set of flannel burp cloths......


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