Thursday, December 27, 2012

A few upcoming goals

Bear got a new to her American Girl doll as a very early December Christmas present.  I honestly seen no big issue giving it early when we won the bid on eBay.   One of my goals is to include periodic updates on Felicity's Learning Adventures with Bear by her side.  That will be a new 2013 endeavor and one I hope readers will enjoy.  Sometimes Bear's BFF's AG, Rosie, will be joining us.  Yes, Adelle got an AG as well....  those girls!  *grin*  This will be fun, I think!  It will put a whole new spin on our education adventures.  If you have an American Girl and local, maybe we can plan a big summertime play-date!


Felicity (nicknamed Lissie) is a spunky, brave, and independent-minded girl. She is very active for a girl her age in her era and is annoyed at her lack of freedom as a young girl and the ladylike things and personality that is expected of her. Felicity believes in fighting for what she wants and can be quite stubborn and headstrong at times.  She is often decribed as  "independent", "loyal", and "spirited".  ((Felicity Merriman)

Oh this is Bear to a T.

Another goal is to post more often about our ongoing act of simplifying our lives and eating more simply, or wholesome, whole, clean, whatever the new buzz word is in my snicker bar world....  So anyway, the act of simplifying our lives, in all aspects, not just eating.  But in our outlooks, our way of approaching life. 

We will also be including more home-crafts and write about those.  Its part of my garden too!

So those are a few of the plans we have for 2013!  Have you started making plans for your new year?



  1. Felicity was always my favorite too :) Most of our goals are "basement finishing" related...I'm working on a list as well.

  2. My girls received their first AG dolls for Christmas too. I love your goals for 2013. ;)

    1. Thank you gentle friend. I feel like the "Simplifcation" is on going but it is a life we wish to have. More intune with God's plan for us. Its not only things but outlooks. Thank you again!

    2. Hit reply to soon...

      So my goal is to share our journey more.


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