Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy THANKSGIVING to each of you. 

I am forever grateful and thankful for you, my gentle friends, that visit me in cyberland.  This little corner of blog sphere is very happy you have decided to give a few moments of your time to reading and praying for my little garden.

As you prepare your turkey, mash your potatoes, and dress your stuffing know that I am also praying for you and thankful for you today.   You encourage me so much with your thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement.  This road is bumpy and knowing I have people sending us warm thoughts and prayers is heart humbling; it makes me joyous and thankful.  God has been so wonderful and good to us.   My heart prays for each of you, that you may be blessed.

Happy Blessed Thanksgiving to each of you. 

From our home to yours.... 

FROM Enchanted Homeschooling Mom


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