Monday, November 26, 2012

All Wrapped Up!

This last week was busy with holiday planning.  We did get some fun things accomplished however.

I am very proud of Bear.  While her letters are not perfect she now has the confidence to write her name on all manner of things and its funny because she has found the most unusual but totally understandable places to practices her skills.  I shouldn't be surprised because I loved doing the same thing as a child.  We were shopping last week and in the freezer section.  When I opened up one of the glass doors it fogged up.  She got excited and wrote her name in the fogged glass and has since done it several times in the mirror, car window, etc.  This is an exciting break through for us.

Our cabin got completed, although the roof was a bit lopsided.  Mommy's fault there.  I forgot to get a picture of the village we created.  She made two trees, a pumpkin, a pilgrim boy, and a pilgrim girl.  She drew a picture of Christopher Columbus in a row boat.  She also drew whom she said was God and Jesus watching out for him. 

Now we are moving forward and December 1st will see us shifting into Christmas mode.  We will be attending the 19th Century Christmas at Fort Nisqually.  One plan we have, since we got Indian corn recently, is to pop corn and use cranberries and make some homemade chains that we can use outside for the birds and squirrels.  I was going to let Bear pop the corn before Thanksgiving but decided this would be a very fun project relating to settlers and nature club! 

While we recognize numbers up to 20, I have discovered that while we seem to be able to count very high we don't recognize their numbers when we see them.  We will be working on that more in December as well.

We will also be making an ornament craft for all the ladies in our church and a special craft for her Bible class teacher.  Bear will be making her grandma a special present as well.

It sounds like our December is going to be busy, but fun!  Do you do special things in December? 

How was your homeschool week?  Did you take the week off?

Be looking for a special Christmas Giveaway for all the readers and Facebook Friends.

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