Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Lesson Wrap-Up

So here is a wrap up of our lessons last week.  I am going to try to post this once a week on a Monday. 

Last week was fun with a field trip to Federation Forrest.  Here we spent much of the day hiking and looking at all things nature, including scat (i.e., poop) and bugs.  Bear really enjoyed the butterflies.  It was very close to 4 pm before we returned home.  We got there at about 10:30 am.  Yes a fun filled day with our Homeschool Nature Club. 

As we were leaving, Bear's comments were:  "I had fun mommy, but I am so tired" and before a few miles has passed, she was asleep in the car seat. 

We worked on cutting curves, work sheets, and reviewing flash cards.  We are learning sight words as well, at least a few.   Writing is remaining a struggle though and I think we will hold off trying too much and working more on pre-writing exercises.   

We have read (and re read the following books)
  • Read and Share Bible
  • Uncle Arthur Bedtime Stories
  • A Kaleidoscope book on Bugs
  • Big Book of Bernstein Bears
  • and I really forgot to take notes on all the little books read during the days....  I will try to do better.
This next week we are working on attempting to develop a better rhythm for our day.  I will begin using our work boxes and will be spending a couple weeks getting those honed if they work as well as I hope.   We also have another field trip with our Nature Club scheduled.  Ballet started on Saturday and then gym will be swimming and gymnastics.  Our days will be full so a rhythm is a must!

How do you find the rhythm you need for your day?

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