Saturday, August 18, 2012

In a Second ...

This is a repost from last year, September 7, 2011.  I am in the midst of finals week and needed a couple extra days off.  Enjoy this quick trip back in time!  I will return soon.

Thank you gentle friends.

Just a second.....

How often do we find we say that? Or maybe you say, "just a minute." Regardless we sometimes get so wrapped up in what we "need' to do that we forget those little voices and small hands grow up much to soon. I know I am not alone in using those words, I hear them all around me. Those hold on a sec, later we can, etc's just seem to float unconsciously from us as we go on with our busy lives. What if later never happens? We lose out on some wonderful opportunities, not just for learning but also for bonding with those wee babes that hold our heartstrings.

Monday we begin our more formal lessons. Still working on the particulars. Though we are much more relaxed that I thought we would be 4 months ago. We have goals and we will work toward those goals. This year we are doing Pre K and K stuff. Next year if we aren't ready for Grade 1 work we will review K stuff, no worries.

2011 Learning Goals

Alphabet recognition and writing letters (writing letters we didn't work on as much)
Nature Play and Learning
Simple math and counting to 30
Art enjoyment
Together reading time
Character building (sharing, listening, following directions...)

I feel like we should do more but I also know I want to encourage a love of learning and she is only 4 after all.

We have a facebook page now. If you are on facebook, join our page for little tidbits and funny stories and questions. Garden Tenders on Facebook.

Happy Tending!

Outside my window... Summer has arrived and it's September!

I am thinking... Are we really starting swimming lesson tonight?

I am thankful for... quiet time... when it happens

I am remembering... I have a ton of things to do!

I am going... to be watching my baby in the water with out me soon! UGH!

I am currently reading...the future of human resource management

I am hoping... to plan a trip to Vashon Island for some exploration fun soon!

On my mind... not much right this second, to tired

Noticing that... the house stays clean for only 2 seconds.  I still have things to unpack from a recent trip to Oregon.

Pondering these thoughts... keeping the imagination alive and the wildness intact but harnessing it in to be used for good.

From the kitchen... green beans

Around the house...Music for kiddos

One of my favorite things…warm Autumn days and cool nights. Crisp mornings and fresh picked apples.....

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