Friday, August 10, 2012

3 in 30 for 8/10

I have been busy getting ready for Bear's birthday party on Sunday and working on final projects for school myself.  Here is my August 3 in 30 update though.  To keep me honest.  *smile*

A big THANK YOU to Aurie Good at Our Good Life for hosting.

Welcome to Our Good Life

My Goals for August 2012 3 in 30 are:
  • I want to tackle my Pantry area. Get it ready for the fall harvest and stock up I will be doing.
I began to start on this project.  It will be slow but I need to get it done before fall.
  • Paint the front porch and trim.
Too hot this weekend!  They even told us on the news to not paint when it really hot, so this may be waiting until after classes get over.
  • Get lessons IDEAS (notice I said ideas--child led means we are a bit on the fluid side, but I want to get supplies out, and things to put before Bear --mommy is a facilitator of her education, I can and will guide it or else all we would do is learn about strawberry shortcake!) figured out for September through December (but leave lots of leeway room). We will slowly start with lessons in Mid August.
Going through books has been the task this week.

The next few days will be full of getting stuff together for Bear's Butterfly Tea Party Birthday Party on Sunday afternoon.  *grin*  Each little girl will get her own wings too, but more about this later. 


  1. Great job this week! I think getting anything done towards our goals is cause for celebration. And speaking of celebration, have a wonderful time with your party. I know Bear will!

    1. Thank you Jeanine! I feel so guilty when the week's end is near sometimes and I only got the littlest work done toward the goals. :-)

  2. OOh...I can't wait to hear more about that party :) I love, love, LOVE little girl parties!! Oh, the cuteness!!

    1. It was fun. My husband had camera duty and I was so tuckered out I didn't even view them last night. But I think all the little girls had fun. The game we played was a hit.


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