Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ten things being a mom has taught me

Yep, it's Tuesdays "TOP" TEN. I was going to pass today since it has been such a busy weekend and week thus far but life happened and reminded me why being a mommy to one active Bear is like a Disneyland ride.  Scary and fun at the same time.  No nothing terribly scary happened, so calm your fears my gentle friends.
Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings
The two Bears dancing among the lady bugs,
dragonflies, butterflies and wildflowers.
Life is wonderful when you allow
yourself to smell the dandelions.
I know I love being a Mommy to Bear, but sometimes I need to remember why exactly it is fun and fulfilling.  Yesterday, we had a rough little spell in the late morning as Bear forgot to follow my rules in the "woods".  The rule being that you never venture from where Mommy can see you easily.  Meaning "DON'T RUN TOO FAR AHEAD"  and it resulted in a lecture and time out when we got home.  The lecture she had to sit down and get in front of her little friend (also nicknamed Bear--shocking two little girls with the same nickname, getting homeschooled and in our homeschool group!  they are destined to be drawn to each other *smile*).  It was one of those days where the quilt pieces were cut every which way, you know?  Did I really think I could not only be Mommy, but "teacher" too?  After getting home and relaxing and reflecting on the events of the day I was able to see that we could indeed facilitate our daughters education, and do a much more loving job than a overworked teacher, and that I really do LOVE being a Mom.  So, today I am dedicating this post to all the reasons I love being a Mom, and what being a mom has taught me, and what motherhood has given me.

  1. Energy.  While being the Mom to an adventurous Bear calls for a barrel full of energy, it gives me energy too.  She keeps me active and moving. 
  2. Being a Mom makes me smarter.  I am being constantly asked questions and as she gets older a lot of them I don't know and have to find out.  I learn right along with her in this homeschool journey.
  3. Her desire to share her love of new found knowledge.  She loves sharing her knowledge with others, and it generally takes very little encouragement for her to do so. 
  4. Cuddles.  Yeah, I still get cuddles and requests for hugs and kisses and I hope it never stops!  I will never tire of holding my baby girl.  Bear hugs and cuddles can't be beat.
  5. People don't think I am crazy if I am playing sword fights in a park with a stick.  If I wasn't a Mommy and was randomly swishing a stick around people might avoid me or call the cops.  Instead they shoot me an indulgent smile and walk on.
  6. Other Moms.  Yep, I wouldn't know some really awesome women if I wasn't a mommy.  Take Kathy for instance.  She's another homeschool mom and an inspiration.  She is older than me (but not by much) and exhibits such joy despite some personal stuff.   When I see her with her sons and how she allows her sons to explore I am inspired and renewed.  I don't know if you are reading this Kathy but thank you.
  7. I can buy corn dogs, and no one questions it.  I can buy them or make them and eat them too.  No one questions it.  *laugh* 
  8. Understanding.  I understand my own Mom better.  We also get along a lot better then when I was young.  We are both moms and she is a Grandma now.  She can relax and watch me struggle through these crazy quilt days.  Luckily I have a great support system in my spouse and my mom.  She didn't have the extended family support and I can imagine how crazy those crazy days with 3 wild children were.  She and my father were amazing in raising us.  Perfect?  No, but perfectly what God thought we needed and what they needed to be.  Being a Mom has nailed home the fact that no parent is perfect and we do the best we can at the time with what we have; skills, patience, and so the list goes on.  Yeah, understanding is a big one.
  9. Endurance.  I have learned that I can endure a lot.  Labor was hard but there are worse things.  Enough said.
  10. Laughter.  From watching my wild Bear dancing to ZZ Top and Janis Joplin to listening to her belt out Our God is an Amazing God in the middle of Safeway she brings me laughter.  I also have to laugh when things don't go smoothly.  Its all about us growing, right?
So you see, even on days full of crazy wild antics we can smile as we listen to Janis Joplin belt it out like only she could and watch with a indulgent smile as our adventurous children twirl and dance through the house.  Yeah today is a good day after all.


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  1. I remember praying for you Kim. Even before we officially met. What a wild and wondrous journey we are on!

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    1. Thank you and thank you for visiting today.

  3. Wonderful post! Our children teach us so much and bring so much joy to our lives.

    1. The joy is unmeasureable. Thank you for visiting today.

  4. Understanding My Own Mother Better - YES! This is an unexpected gift we all receive when we become parents.

    1. Thank you for visiting Jessica. It is a gift and one that has been a big blessing to me.

  5. Very sweet reflections on being a mom!
    would love for you to come share with our HEART&HOME community at www.mercyinkblog.com

  6. Great Mommy insights you have shared! Sounds like you need lots of energy to keep up with Bear!


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