Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sometimes you need....

randomness....  This is one of those times.  Just some thoughts and ideas that have been occurring to me throughout the week.  Insanity?  Maybe.  How many of us really think only divine and inspirational thoughts all day long?  I don't.  In fact much of my day is just spent in random thoughts and occasionally those random thoughts blossom into an idea and the idea becomes a post, or something worthy of saying.  *grin* 

A quote I heard recently is “We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over!”  ― A. Bevan  I guess sometimes You just see people afraid to say something for fear that they will make someone upset.  My daddy always told me you can't be everyone's friend.  When something is important you need to stand up for it.  Speak up because by silence you let others think you agree.  When you see someone being bullied don't be silent.

The people in Colorado that were killed and hurt at the movie theater.  My heart goes out to them, but I wonder why an alarm didn't sound when the emergency exit door was opened?  I know we can't ever make us safe from all harm.  I am not willing to give up liberty for the idea of safety BUT some common sense things that remove no liberties at all can be done, right?  I really don't think a business having a alarm on an emergency door would violate a constitutional right...  I don't know, who am I?  Just some random woman with a blog. *shrug*

How come good healthy for you yogurt costs so much more? 

I may have to start making Kefir....  Bear likes it.  My child is making me more crunchy, speaking of which, I have some kumbucha starts to give to local friends....  any takers? 

My baby is going to be 5 soon....  FIVE.  I can't believe it!

I need to borrow a couple quilts.....  for Bears birthday party.  I am planing that the girls can eat cupcakes etc on a quilt or two on the ground.  I am also planing to decorate a table with one.  I am really looking forward to the decorating.  Its more simple than years past and less food etc.  It should be a lot of fun, this butterfly tea party birthday.  Each of the girls will go home with butterfly wings!  And that is all I am telling!

I need to replenish our freezer meals ASAP.   I think we are now completely out of prepared meals. 

Why does Bear want to tie rope and string to everything?  The poor dog.....

Why does my daughter insist on wearing new clothes the minute she gets them?  Has she never heard of saving something for good? 

My neighbors like to party into the night, I wonder if I should have the Hubs mow the front yard, by their bedroom windows at 7 am? 

I think my laundry really multiplies.  It sure seems like it must.  I swear one basket  ends up being two before you know it......  It's really strange.  *grin*

Have a great weekend, and remember to enjoy what you think are just random memories.  They might turn out ot be meaniful. 

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