Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Today is a sorting kind of day.  I put Bear to work painting cans for our homeschool field day on Saturday.  They will be very interesting cans indeed. She dropped one in the dirt and was upset, until I explained, TEXTURE!  *smile* After we use the cans for a "Knock the Cans Over" game we will bring them home and make yard art out of them.  This will be neat and another project we can do together.  Kind of catching two birds with one net in a way.  I should be weeding, but I really do want to get things going in the basement and get ready to look through all our books for next year. 

Tomorrow morning we are having breakfast in the park.  Pancakes, fruit, eggs, and it should be fun to see friends and have a breakfast picnic. 

We are working on developing a three year plan for us as a family.  Homeschooling, and the things we would like to include in that, mean we will need to make some changes, if God wills it.  Our request is that God guides in this and that He provides a way for it to happen.  We know what we would like to see happen, but we want His will, not our own.  Please keep this in your prayers.

I have been hunting for a old fashioned coffee pot for camping.  We are going camping, TENT camping, the end of the month and I would like it if we could find a coffee pot for us.  It just seems like most places have forgotten the old percolating pots that use to be so prevalent a decade or two ago.  I know we had one when I was young.  I also don't want to break the bank buying it. 

It has been a very good three weeks of less computer time thus far.  Each day I miss it less and less.  I am finding other ways to spend my time, hopefully they are more conductive to a happy healthy family.  I think we are having better family times anyway.  Less strife because, frankly I am not stopping every few minutes and checking Facebook. It has been a good experience and I feel less tied to people and what they think because I am not seeing all that they are doing and trying to measure up etc., etc.  That was my problem anyway.

So here's to strawberry shortcake and fresh corn on the cob.  This will be a great summer!

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