Monday, June 18, 2012

WHO Convention

This weekend was the Washington Homeschool Organization's convention and we attended.  It was packed with a lot of information and we were able to see some wonderful choices for curriculum. 

We decided to take the plunge and purchased Rosetta Stone for all of us.  We will be learning German as a family.  We had been toying with what we would be able to do to open up a second  language for her while the window for languages is still open and when we seen the homeschool package at the convention we took the plunge.

We also decided that we will be going with Right Start Math.  The hubs really liked it a lot.

I looked at writing/language arts programs, science, handwriting, etc.  I think for now we will make up our own in some areas.  I have some BOB books for reading and we are developing a book list of children classics for language arts that we will be using.  Language arts for now will consist of reading and retelling, but will also mean some reading and spelling as well, eventually.  I am still searching for handwriting, but A Reason for Writing from Timberdoddle looks good.  I have heard wonderful things about Handwriting Without Tears as well, so we are still a bit torn.  Really, we could have used another hour to browse at the convention.  History will be reading orally and projects for holidays and events.

For science I think we will stick to our hands on learning approach, going with her interest -- more likely me deciding on one topic a week to explore, to introduce her to different things.  If we like the subject we can of course spend as much time as we want on that area.  Art will be similar to what we have been doing, crafts and free art.  This year we will also incorporate Bible study time more diligently into school studies. This is all very fluid at this point and nothing is firmed up.  I think for now we are aiming for August to be our start time.

Now to get things organized.  One talk we went to was particularly encouraging.  I walked away with a heart full of courage.  Another conference we went to the Hubs enjoyed and his feelings on what we need to do education wise were further cemented.  I know we are doing right by our daughter. 

We all got new t-shirts as well. 


  1. I absolutely love homeschool conventions! The amount of encouragement and inspiration I find there is unbeatable. I'm so glad you guys had a great time and it sounds like you found some awesome books. Good luck with Rosetta Stone. It's a great program, my husband used to work for them and we have Spanish, French and Arabic. Have a great day!

    By His Grace,
    Heather Bowen

    1. It was the first one we had been to and we throughly enjoyed it. Thank you for stopping by!


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