Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm sorry

The past few weeks I have been so down.  I want to thank you, my gentle friends, for remaining by my side.  I have been feeling very overwhelmed with work that needs to be done, things I need to do, errands that wont stop, etc., etc.  Just like each of you.  Forgive me for my "down" posts.  Changes do have to happen; I do need to surround myself with people that share my Christian beliefs and ideas more, in an effort to help me over rough patches in my life.  Sometimes those rough patches seem to flood my days and I know I need something deeper to rely on than myself.  I need a healing, not a bandaid, and I know that healing will only come from one direction.

I was reminded recently by a little girl that "God makes the details."  Such wise words from one so young.  Because He worries about every hair on our head and the sweat on our brow, I know that we need to be around people which help to foster a deeper relationship with Him.  Would we watch a program if Christ were sitting beside us?  Well if not, what makes us think we should watch it?  Does it edify or harm us?  Where do we draw the line at turning our back on what God and Christ would want for us?  I need to recenter for myself and my family.  The happiest I have been has been when I have completely relied upon God, turning it all over to Him. 

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. 

Thank you gentle friends. 

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