Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A rocky road...

Life the last few weeks have been a bit over the top, I am trying very very hard to keep to the "Simpler Life"routine, but sometimes outside forces really try hard to rock your boat and send you tumbling headlong into an abyss of epical proportions.  Why is it that it always seems to works this way? When it rains it pours.

One situation is our old fellowship.  It had gotten so small and so stagnate that we decided when Sarah was still under a year old that we needed more in the way of teaching.  We sought out the local Church of Christ Church, and we really like their teachings but after nearly two years, left because there wasn't a sense of family.  Really, how could you have a sense of family in a church of 400 people? 

Since then we have been floundering, and it is telling in our life.  I miss church, unsheathing the sword and putting on the belt (Eph. 6).  It isn't the same at home, I mean yes we can do it on our own, we don't need a body of believers, but for most of us who have flesh and blood bodies we do need the accountability.  Anyway, I think lately with our Saviors resurrection looming and being upon us the lack of a spiritual walk is really weighing upon not only me, but the family.  I think I feel like I need it the most though.  I need the prayer for a long suffering and slow to anger heart.  I need a peaceful spirit.  I really and truly want this.  I don't like disorder, but lately my life seems to be not only surrounded by it but overcome with it.  

I could try to justify my unease and anger at things with a bunch of "buts" BUT that would not be fair to my loved ones or to myself.  I am owning up to my short comings, and asking my gentle friends to please, be in earnest prayer for my peace and even a heart change so that the simpler life I desire with such a fervent fire can be something our entire family benefits from.  Please pray that we can find a church that will be a good fit for our little family.

That's my post for today.... short, nothing homeschooly about it but assuredly something about tending my garden.  My inner space and peace.

Blessings to each one of you, May God's face shine upon you.


  1. I think we have all been there, I completely understand. Prayers. :)

  2. I stumbled across your blog tonight as I was searching for ideas for my daughters birthday party. I hope that I can help you find what you are looking for. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints. I am a 33 year old mother of two children. My daughter is 2 (almost 3) and my son is almost 1 year old. I have been married for almost 6 years. I used to teach kindergarten and first grade.

    Growing up, my father was in the army and I lived in many places through out the United States. During that time and throughout my life even still, I always found strength and family in my faith. I know that Heavenly Father loves you very much. I know that his son, our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ loved us all so much that he made it possible for us to be forgiven of our sins and return to our Heavenly Father again. He made it possible to be with our families for eternity. I want to share with you this video that I watched recently about some boys that are members of my church. I hope that you will be as touched by it as much as I was.


    1. Thank you Adam and Jennine. Knowing people are keeping us in their thoughts and prayers means a lot.


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